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As was discussed in the concepts, Move2Kube uses an suite of transformers to achieve the transformation. To customize the output artifacts generated for a specific input, these transformers can be configured or new custom transformers can be added to achieve the required result.

Customization is achieved by changing a transformer behavior or creating a new transformer. A transformer’s behavior and configuration is determined by the Transformer Class it uses. Though all the transformer classes are equal internally in Move2Kube, from usage perspective, we have classified into 3 categories.

  1. Purpose Built - Has a specific job, and the customization allows you to change the parameters/configuration required for performing the specific job. Ex: Kubernetes, Parameterizer, GolangDockerfileGenerator, etc..
  2. External - Allows you to write custom transformers performing any behavior. It exposes the internal functions of the transformer class through different interfaces, to be implemented by the transformer externally. Ex: Starlark, Executable
  3. Special - These classes allow special behaviors. Ex: Router