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Purpose Built

These transformer classes do a specific job, and the customization allows you to change the parameters/configuration required for performing the specific job.

In most cases, these classes have one internal implementation, and you will find a transformer configuration in here.

The general steps to use these transformer classes are:

  1. Find the internal implementation in here.
  2. Copy the directory
  3. Change the configuration like transformer name, templates, etc..
  4. Set the override to override the internal implementation.

The custom transformer tutorial that uses nodejs/kubernetes transformers and the parameterization tutorial that uses parameterization transformer are examples.

To understand the configuration provided by each of these transformers, the yaml in the built-in transformer should give a good hint. The other location to look for is the struct in the transformer implementation. In most classes which have a config, there will be a struct with name ending in YamlConfig. For example, In Kubernetes transformer class, you can find KubernetesYamlConfig. This is the config that is specified in the spec.config field.

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