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Creating windows containers for .NET applications (4.x .NET Framework) and deploying to Kubernetes


In this tutorial, we will learn how containerize .NET applications developed for 4.x versions of .NET framework using windows containers and deploy them to Kubernetes cluster using Move2Kube. Here, we are going to use the sample WCF service from samples/wcfservice.


  1. Install Move2Kube

  2. Kubernetes with windows node support

  3. Download the samples/wcfservice sample from move2kube-demos repository

     $ curl | bash -s -- -d samples/wcfservice -r move2kube-demos
    $ tree -L 2 wcfservice/
     ├── wcfservice
     │   ├── App.config
     │   ├── IWindowsSampleService.cs
     │   ├── Properties
     │   ├── WindowsSampleService.cs
     │   ├── wcfservice.cs
     │   └── wcfservice.csproj
     └── wcfservice.sln
     2 directories, 6 files

Steps to generate target artifacts

We will be using the two stage process (plan and transform) for the transformation. Run these steps from the directory containing the ./wcfservice/ directory:

  1. First we create a plan on how to transform the applications to run on Kubernetes. In the plan phase, Move2Kube is going to go through the source artifacts and going to come up with a plan for us.

     $ move2kube plan -s wcfservice
     INFO[0000] Configuration loading done                   
     INFO[0000] Planning Transformation - Base Directory     
     INFO[0000] [CloudFoundry] Planning transformation       
     INFO[0000] [CloudFoundry] Done                          
     INFO[0000] [DockerfileDetector] Planning transformation 
     INFO[0000] [DockerfileDetector] Done                    
     INFO[0000] [ComposeAnalyser] Planning transformation    
     INFO[0000] [ComposeAnalyser] Done                       
     INFO[0000] [Base Directory] Identified 0 named services and 0 to-be-named services 
     INFO[0000] Transformation planning - Base Directory done 
     INFO[0000] Planning Transformation - Directory Walk     
     INFO[0000] Identified 1 named services and 0 to-be-named services in . 
     WARN[0000] Unable to find compatible ASP.NET Core target framework  hence skipping. 
     INFO[0000] Transformation planning - Directory Walk done 
     INFO[0000] [Directory Walk] Identified 1 named services and 0 to-be-named services 
     INFO[0000] [Named Services] Identified 1 named services 
     INFO[0000] No of services identified : 1                
     INFO[0000] Plan can be found at [/Users/padmanabha/go/src/].
    • It has created a m2k.plan which is essentially a yaml file. Let’s see what is inside the plan file.
        kind: Plan
        name: myproject
        sourceDir: wcfservice
            - transformerName: WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile
                    - wcfservice/App.config
                    - .
            Buildconfig: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/buildconfig/transformer.yaml
            CloudFoundry: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/cloudfoundry/transformer.yaml
            ClusterSelector: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/clusterselector/transformer.yaml
            ComposeAnalyser: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/compose/composeanalyser/transformer.yaml
            ComposeGenerator: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/compose/composegenerator/transformer.yaml
            ContainerImagesPushScriptGenerator: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/containerimagespushscript/transformer.yaml
            DockerfileDetector: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfile/dockerfiledetector/transformer.yaml
            DockerfileImageBuildScript: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfile/dockerimagebuildscript/transformer.yaml
            DockerfileParser: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfile/dockerfileparser/transformer.yaml
            DotNetCore-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/dotnetcore/transformer.yaml
            EarAnalyser: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/earanalyser/transformer.yaml
            EarRouter: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/earrouter/transformer.yaml
            Golang-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/golang/transformer.yaml
            Gradle: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/gradle/transformer.yaml
            Jar: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/jar/transformer.yaml
            Jboss: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/jboss/transformer.yaml
            Knative: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/knative/transformer.yaml
            Kubernetes: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/kubernetes/transformer.yaml
            KubernetesVersionChanger: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/kubernetesversionchanger/transformer.yaml
            Liberty: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/liberty/transformer.yaml
            Maven: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/maven/transformer.yaml
            Nodejs-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/nodejs/transformer.yaml
            PHP-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/php/transformer.yaml
            Parameterizer: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/parameterizer/transformer.yaml
            Python-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/python/transformer.yaml
            ReadMeGenerator: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/readmegenerator/transformer.yaml
            Ruby-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/ruby/transformer.yaml
            Rust-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/rust/transformer.yaml
            Tekton: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/kubernetes/tekton/transformer.yaml
            Tomcat: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/tomcat/transformer.yaml
            WarAnalyser: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/waranalyser/transformer.yaml
            WarRouter: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/warrouter/transformer.yaml
            WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/windows/winconsole/transformer.yaml
            WinSLWebApp-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/windows/winsilverlightweb/transformer.yaml
            WinWebApp-Dockerfile: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/windows/winweb/transformer.yaml
            ZuulAnalyser: m2kassets/built-in/transformers/dockerfilegenerator/java/zuul/transformer.yaml
    • In the plan, you can see that Move2Kube has detected the WCF services (wcfservice) and relative path of the detected /App.config.
    • Also, the plan file is saying that the applications can be transformed using Move2Kube’s built-in WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile transformer.
  2. Let’s invoke move2kube transform on this plan.

     $ move2kube transform
     INFO[0000] Detected a plan file at path /Users/padmanabha/go/src/ Will transform using this plan. 
     ? Select all transformer types that you are interested in:
     ID: move2kube.transformers.types
     [Services that don't support any of the transformer types you are interested in will be ignored.]
     [Use arrows to move, space to select, <right> to all, <left> to none, type to filter]
     [✓]  PHP-Dockerfile
     [✓]  Gradle
     [✓]  Kubernetes
     [✓]  Knative
     [✓]  Nodejs-Dockerfile
     [✓]  Tekton
     [✓]  ZuulAnalyser
     [✓]  ComposeAnalyser
     [✓]  Jar
     [✓]  Liberty
     [✓]  Python-Dockerfile
     [✓]  ContainerImagesPushScriptGenerator
     [✓]  Jboss
     [✓]  Parameterizer
     [✓]  WinSLWebApp-Dockerfile
     [✓]  Buildconfig
     [✓]  CloudFoundry
     [✓]  Ruby-Dockerfile
     [✓]  WinWebApp-Dockerfile
     [✓]  DockerfileDetector
     [✓]  Golang-Dockerfile
     [✓]  WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile
     [✓]  EarAnalyser
     [✓]  KubernetesVersionChanger
     [✓]  Maven
     [✓]  ClusterSelector
     [✓]  EarRouter
     [✓]  DockerfileParser
     [✓]  DotNetCore-Dockerfile
     [✓]  ReadMeGenerator
     [✓]  Rust-Dockerfile
     [✓]  Tomcat
     [✓]  WarAnalyser
     [✓]  ComposeGenerator
     [✓]  DockerfileImageBuildScript
     [✓]  WarRouter
    • Let’s go ahead with the default answer by pressing return or enter key.
     [Services that don't support any of the transformer types you are interested in will be ignored.]
     PHP-Dockerfile, Gradle, Kubernetes, Knative, Nodejs-Dockerfile, Tekton, ZuulAnalyser, ComposeAnalyser, Jar, Liberty, Python-Dockerfile, ContainerImagesPushScriptGenerator, Jboss, Parameterizer, WinSLWebApp-Dockerfile, Buildconfig, CloudFoundry, Ruby-Dockerfile, WinWebApp-Dockerfile, DockerfileDetector, Golang-Dockerfile, WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile, EarAnalyser, KubernetesVersionChanger, Maven, ClusterSelector, EarRouter, DockerfileParser, DotNetCore-Dockerfile, ReadMeGenerator, Rust-Dockerfile, Tomcat, WarAnalyser, ComposeGenerator, DockerfileImageBuildScript, WarRouter
     ? Select all services that are needed:
     [The services unselected here will be ignored.]
       [Use arrows to move, space to select, <right> to all, <left> to none, type to filter]
       [✓]  wcfservice
    • Here, we select all the services.
     ? Select all services that are needed:
     [The services unselected here will be ignored.]
     INFO[0233] Starting Plan Transformation                 
     INFO[0233] Iteration 1                                  
     INFO[0233] Iteration 2 - 1 artifacts to process         
     INFO[0233] Transformer WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile processing 1 artifacts 
     INFO[0233] Transformer WinConsoleApp-Dockerfile Done    
     INFO[0233] Created 2 pathMappings and 2 artifacts. Total Path Mappings : 2. Total Artifacts : 1. 
     INFO[0233] Iteration 3 - 2 artifacts to process         
     INFO[0233] Transformer DockerfileParser processing 1 artifacts 
     WARN[0233] Unable to find ports in Dockerfile : /var/folders/45/5wf_qgcs06gd_xpg6rzvbx0r0000gn/T/move2kube2980808479/environment-DockerfileParser-1624209065/2318519572/source/Dockerfile. Using default port 
     INFO[0233] Transformer ZuulAnalyser processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0233] Transformer ZuulAnalyser Done                
     INFO[0233] Transformer DockerfileParser Done            
     INFO[0233] Transformer DockerfileImageBuildScript processing 2 artifacts 
     ? Select the container runtime to use :
     ID: move2kube.containerruntime
     [The container runtime selected will be used in the scripts]
       [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
     > docker
    • Here, we select runtime of choice. In this case, we select docker.

    • At this point, the default port 8080 is detected and the user is prompted on the modality of exposing this port.

     INFO[0346] Transformer DockerfileImageBuildScript Done  
     INFO[0346] Created 1 pathMappings and 4 artifacts. Total Path Mappings : 3. Total Artifacts : 3. 
     INFO[0346] Iteration 4 - 4 artifacts to process         
     INFO[0346] Transformer ComposeGenerator processing 2 artifacts 
     ? What URL/path should we expose the service wcfservice's 8080 port on?
     [Enter :- not expose the service, Leave out leading / to use first part as subdomain, Add :N as suffix for NodePort service type, Add :L for Load Balancer service type]
     (/wcfservice) wcfservice
    • We leave out the leading / to use the first part wcfservice as subdomain (as specified in the Hints).
     ? Provide the minimum number of replicas each service should have
     ID: move2kube.minreplicas
     [If the value is 0 pods won't be started by default]
    • Let’s go ahead with the default answer again, which means 2 replicas for the given service.
     ? Enter the URL of the image registry : 
     [You can always change it later by changing the yamls.]
       [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
       Other (specify custom option)
    • Then CLI asks to select the registry where your images are hosted. Here, we are selecting Select ‘Other’ if your registry name is not here.
     ? Enter the namespace where the new images should be pushed :  
      [Ex : myproject]
      (myproject) m2k-tutorial
      No authentication
     INFO[0793] Transformer ComposeGenerator Done            
     INFO[0793] Transformer ClusterSelector processing 2 artifacts 
     ? Choose the cluster type:
     [Choose the cluster type you would like to target]
         [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
         > Kubernetes
    • Now, it asks to select the cluster type you want to deploy to. Here, we select the Kubernetes cluster type.
     INFO[0863] Transformer ClusterSelector Done             
     INFO[0863] Transformer Knative processing 2 artifacts   
     INFO[0863] Transformer Knative Done                     
     INFO[0863] Transformer ContainerImagesPushScriptGenerator processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0863] Transformer ContainerImagesPushScriptGenerator Done 
     INFO[0863] Transformer ClusterSelector processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0863] Transformer ClusterSelector Done             
     INFO[0863] Transformer Buildconfig processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0863] Transformer Buildconfig Done                 
     INFO[0863] Transformer ClusterSelector processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0863] Transformer ClusterSelector Done             
     INFO[0863] Transformer Kubernetes processing 2 artifacts 
     ? Provide the ingress host domain
     [Ingress host domain is part of service URL]
    • CLI is now asking for the ingress hosting domain. It can be grabbed from the cluster you are going to deploy to. The ingress hosting domain will differ based on the cluster you are fetching from.
     ? Provide the TLS secret for ingress
     [Leave empty to use http]
    • Then it asks information about your TLS secret. Here we go with the by-default by pressing the ‘return’ key.
     INFO[0934] Transformer Kubernetes Done                  
     INFO[0934] Transformer ClusterSelector processing 2 artifacts 
     INFO[0934] Transformer ClusterSelector Done             
     INFO[0934] Transformer Tekton processing 2 artifacts    
     INFO[0934] Transformer Tekton Done                      
     INFO[0934] Created 27 pathMappings and 7 artifacts. Total Path Mappings : 30. Total Artifacts : 7. 
     INFO[0934] Iteration 5 - 7 artifacts to process         
     INFO[0934] Transformer Parameterizer processing 4 artifacts 
     INFO[0934] Transformer Parameterizer Done               
     INFO[0934] Transformer ReadMeGenerator processing 5 artifacts 
     INFO[0934] Transformer ReadMeGenerator Done             
     INFO[0935] Plan Transformation done                     
     INFO[0935] Transformed target artifacts can be found at [/Users/padmanabha/go/src/]. 

Finally, the transformation is successful and the target artifacts can be found inside the ./myproject directory. The overview of the structure of the ./myproject directory can be seen by executing the below command.

$  tree -L 3 myproject
├── deploy
│   ├── cicd
│   │   ├── tekton
│   │   └── tekton-parameterized
│   ├── compose
│   │   └── docker-compose.yaml
│   ├── knative
│   │   └── wcfservice-service.yaml
│   ├── knative-parameterized
│   │   ├── helm-chart
│   │   ├── kustomize
│   │   └── openshift-template
│   ├── yamls
│   │   ├── myproject-ingress.yaml
│   │   ├── wcfservice-deployment.yaml
│   │   └── wcfservice-service.yaml
│   └── yamls-parameterized
│       ├── helm-chart
│       ├── kustomize
│       └── openshift-template
├── scripts
│   ├── builddockerimages.bat
│   ├──
│   ├── pushimages.bat
│   └──
└── source
    ├── Dockerfile
    ├── wcfservice
    │   ├── App.config
    │   ├── IWindowsSampleService.cs
    │   ├── Properties
    │   ├── WindowsSampleService.cs
    │   ├── wcfservice.cs
    │   └── wcfservice.csproj
    └── wcfservice.sln

19 directories, 17 files

So, Move2Kube has created all the deployment artifacts which are present inside the ./myproject directory. The ./myproject/source directory looks very similar to the directory wcfservice that we gave as input to Move2Kube. But, Move2Kube has essentially instrumented the source code with additional files. For example, it has added the Dockerfile for each of the transformed services and with these dockerfiles the applications can be containerized and then deployed to a Kubernetes cluster.

What’s different in the case of windows application

  1. First difference is in the deployment yaml of windows container images (see myproject/deploy/yamls/wcfservice-deployment.yaml in the above example) . The nodeSelector and tolerations ensures that the image is instantiated on a windows node in the Kubernetes cluster.
    nodeSelector: windows
    restartPolicy: Always
    schedulerName: default-scheduler
    securityContext: {}
    terminationGracePeriodSeconds: 30
    - effect: NoSchedule
    key: os
    value: Windows
  2. Second difference is in the Dockerfile (see myproject/source/Dockerfile in the above example) for the windows service as shown below. The FROM instruction refers to windows container images and the --platform indicates that these images have to be built for a windows platform.
     FROM --platform=windows/amd64 As builder
     WORKDIR /app
     COPY . .
     RUN msbuild /p:Configuration=Release /p:OutputPath=/app/output
     FROM --platform=windows/amd64
     WORKDIR /app
     COPY --from=builder /app/output/ .
     CMD wcfservice.exe

Deploying the application to Kubernetes with the generated target artifacts

The steps involved to deploy a windows application is the same as any other application except that the container images have to be built on a windows machine with Docker Desktop set to windows container mode. Please refer to .NET core deployment section for details.


In this tutorial, we learnt how to quickly migrate multiple .NET applications which are developed on 4.x .NET framework, to Kubernetes using the target artifacts generated by Move2Kube.